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Q. What are OEM parts?
A. OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer, which means that the parts are made by the same company that produced the original parts for that car manufacturer, in our case BMW. This gives you the best quality with peace of mind.

Q. Why don’t I just go and buy the cheapest parts I can find?
A. We believe that cheap, poor quality parts can affect your driving experience, the reliability and resale price of the car and that they are often a false economy. If you have to replace a part prematurely due to its poor quality, you can lose any saving and even be worse off than if you had purchased a better quality part in the first place, not to mention the loss of enjoyment in your driving experience and the potential safety risk.

Q. Do you sell parts from any manufacturer?
A. No. AG Retro sells and uses only high quality parts. Most of the time, this means using OEM or other high quality manufacturers. We cannot see the point in fitting poor quality parts to BMWs with their engineering excellence.

Q. Can you supply parts for vehicles other than BMW?
A. As a rule, no as we are a BMW specialist. However, if you are buying BMW parts from us and require some other parts for a different car, then please contact us.

Q. What is an E number, e.g. E30 or E39?
A. These numbers are not found on the cars, but are used to identify a model in the BMW car range. E stands for ‘Entwicklung’ which means ‘development’ in German. They are used internally by BMW and assigned at the start of a model’s development.

Q. Where do I find the chassis number?
A. On the vehicle registration certificate. If required, normally the last 7 digits are enough to identify the vehicle on our BMW Parts Catalogue.

Q. What if I cannot find the part I need?
A. If you cannot find the part you require, please contact us with details of your vehicle and which part you require. We will do our very best to find it for you.